Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day! 

In honor of Memorial Day (and the upcoming 4th of July holiday) I decided it was time to make a patriotic wreath.  But it had to be done on a very small amount of cash. 
 Has your spouse ever opened the credit card bill and the proceed to give the whole "we gotta cut back, blah blah blah" speech?    Yeah? Mine too! As he was saying it I was thinking...."but it's time to decorate for the summer"   
So. here's what I did: I cut out my own wreath base from an old cardboard box and purchased some very inexpensive patriotic garland from Hobby Lobby (around $3). I also bought some red, white, and blue stars from Hobby Lobby that were originally $4.99, but I used a 40% off coupon. 
I already had a bunch of straight pins which I used in lieu of any sort of glue in case I didn't like the outcome. Also, it is already hot hot hot here in Florida.-put it this way, for my Spring wreath I used hot glue to hold plastic eggs onto the wreath and they fell off constantly because of the heat that something between a glass door and a medal door has to endure.  Therefore, straight pins. And I must say, so far so good. 

First step: find a starting point for the garland and stick a straight pin through it. I tried to actually make it so the pin came back through on the same side of the cardboard so that there wasn't a pin ready to poke an innocent bystander who was unlucky enough to put their hand on the back of the wreath. 
I wrapped the garland around the cardboard until it came around full circle. 
Then I pinned the final end in the same fashion. 

It might have come out a little caddywompus, but I made some adjustments and in the end I was able to position it on the door to look "circular" enough. haha
Then I took straight pins and pinned the stars to the bottom of the wreath. I bent the back of the pins flat against the wreath as best as was possible. 
Ta-da! Looks good to me and only cost around $6 to make! 

I had some left over stars: so I let my daughter put them in this decorative thing. 
My sister gave it to me, and every season we find some cute and different way to decorate it. 
(for Spring we put in Easter grass and some tiny, malt, eggs; for Christmas we put Red and Green decorative sand; Fall we put in leaves and pecans, etc) 
This weekend we bought a new coffee table. We also bought a few things from the Target dollar section which I plan on decorating with-updates to follow ;) 


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